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Full text of "Grenfell Fire Response News, Issue 4, June 27, 2017"

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27 June 2017 
Issue No: 4 

Grenfell Fire 
Response News 

£1 million for local charities 
reponding to Grenfell Tower 

DCLG announced today that it will release £1 million of funding 
to support organisations working with individuals and the 
communities most affected by the fire. The money will be 
distributed by a group of independent charitable funders who 
are part of the London Funder’s membership network. 

You can register your interest in accessing this funding by 

The money is a significant contribution to the locally-led 
recovery effort. It will be administered by a consortium of 
independent trusts and charities, and be co-ordinated by 
London Funders. The full details of how the money will be 
distributed will be confirmed and shared in the next 48 hours. 
The money will be distributed at regular intervals over the next 
few weeks, with decisions being made within a few days of 
an application being submitted by local groups working in 
the area. 

Angela McConville, Westway Trust Chief Executive, said: 

“In the face of this terrible tragedy, the community has 
responded in an amazing way. As we have demonstrated in 
recent weeks, local grassroots organisations are best placed 
to support those who need help. The local community are 
desperate to support those who have been affected and 
need more support than ever in order to distribute donations, 
provide support and comfort and otherwise help the 
community heal. From the practical to the spiritual we have 
seen a phenomenal local response. ” 


New funding available 1 

Support update and 
telephone numbers 2 

News update 3 

Frequently asked Questions 4 

What is this 
newsletter for? 

This is the fourth edition 
of the Grenfell Response 
Team newsletter. We 
want to keep you up to 
date with all the latest 
information and services 
available to help. For up 
to the minute info please 
follow us on Twitter 
@grenfellsupport and on 
Facebook at facebook. 
and visit 

Grenfell Fire Response News 

27 June 2017 



Freephone helpline 

0808 808 1677 

24 hours a day. 

Replacement UK 
passports, visas 
or immigration 

0300 222 0000 

(outside the UK 

+ 44 ( 0)300 222 0000 ) 

24 hour advice line. 

Air quality and 
smoke exposure 

People who have 
concerns about any 
symptoms should seek 
medical advice 
or call NHS 111. 

NHS Mental health 

0800 0234 650 

24 hours a day. 


Free emotional and 
practical support 
for anyone affected. 

0808 1689 111 

24 hours a day. 

Financial assistance update 

• As of 2pm on 26th June, El ,686,012 has been distributed 
to affected families. 

• This is made up of a E500 cash payment and £5,000 
delivered through DWP into bank accounts or similar in a 
single payment, along with discretionary payments made by 
the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. 

108 households have been given the £5,000 payments 

Housing update 

We have offered emergency hotel accommodation in the 
local area to everyone who needs it. 

Flousing numbers across Grenfell Tower, Grenfell Walk and 
the cordon area are: 

• In total there are 377 households in emergency 

• 140 hotel placements have been made for people living in 
Grenfell Tower and Grenfell Walk. 

• There are also 109 additional households now in hotels 
from the wider affected area. 

• 181 keyworkers are supporting people affected. 

• There have been 79 additional high-vis workers, including 
38 Red Cross in the centre and undertaking community 

Work is now taking place to assess the housing needs of all 
Grenfell Tower and Grenfell Walk families to identify longer- 
term temporary accommodation in the Royal Borough of 
Kensington and Chelsea and neighbouring boroughs. The 
accommodation that residents accept now are temporary. 
Residents can choose to make this location their permanent 
home or move to permanent locations when they are ready. 

• So far 163 housing needs assessments have been 

• 68 new build flats as part of the Kensington Road 
development in the borough will be provided to 
re-house residents from Grenfell Tower. These will 
be ready by the end of July 2017. 

Grenfell Fire Response News 

27 June 2017 

The air pollution 
level near the site of 
the Grenfell Tower 
tragedy continues 
to be low, latest 
readings show. 

Public Health England (PHE) 
ensured that three new 
air quality monitors were 
installed in the immediate 
area of Grenfell Tower by an 
independent environment 
company on Saturday. 

Readings so far show low 
levels of pollution . 

PHE is carrying out air 
quality tests in the area and 
is continuing to monitor 
readings to ensure the best 
advice is given. PHE is 
also advising on air quality, 
smoke exposure and 
asbestos and other 
potential risks. 

More information on air 
quality from Public Health 
England can be found 
on their website at www. 


The hot water boiler which 
serves Grenfell Tower and 
surrounding properties was 
located under the Tower and 
completely destroyed by 
the fire. The boiler provided 
hot water and heating to local 
properties. Work has started 
on fitting a new temporary 
boiler and we’re working hard 
to get hot water running within 
the next 10 days. We are 
offering any residents affected 
hotel accommodation until we 
can fix this. 

Community donations 

The Community engagement 
team have been working 
with the local voluntary 
and community sector to 
develop a plan as to how 
the generous donations of 
clothes and other items that 
are being stored locally will 
be managed. We would like 
to thank all those that have 
provided feedback so far, 
and welcome any further 
comments today. Over the 
course of the next few days, 
we shall be incorporating 
your views into the donations 
management plan and will 
update you via this newsletter. 

Free travel 

As of 26th June, TFL is operating a free shuttle bus service 
between the Community Assistance Centre, at the Westway 
Sports Centre, and the hotels where large numbers of families 
have been temporarily housed. Timetables for the bus routes 
will be available at your hotel if it is one of those included. 

There has also been extensive travel assistance offered by 
both the rail and air sectors 

r — — — — — — — — — — — — 

! What help is 
i on offer? 

' If you come to the 
i Assistance Centre at 

i Westway Sports 
1 Centre, Crowthorne 
| Road, W10 6RP you will 
, be able to access services 
i and support provided by 
1 the team from 9am -11 pm. 

i A Red Cross helpline 
i is in action to help give 
1 practical or emotional 
' support to anyone who 
i needs it. 

j The number is 

: 0800 458 9472 . 

1 This is available 24 hours 
| a day but we are looking 
i at reviewing these hours 
i based on need. If you 
1 have any feedback 
| please email support 

1 Any family and friends 
| concerned about 
i their loved ones are 
i asked to contact the 
1 Metropolitan Police on 
| 0800 032 4539 

1 If you have been 
1 affected and have any 
i other questions about 
i the support available, 

| please email support@ 

i Please do not send any 
1 personal data like bank 
| details or your address 
, to this email account - 
i rest assured when we 
1 contact you, well get 
1 any additional information 
. we need. 

Grenfell Fire Response News 

27 June 2017 

Westway Community 
Assistance Centre 

The Westway Community 
Assistance Centre is open 
from 8am to 11 pm as a 
source of advice, and supplies 
for affected families from the 
tower and the community, 
and it will continue to evolve to 
provide services as the needs 
of the community change. 


• Registration 

• Initial advice on help 

• Government grants 

• Emergency financial 

• Housing 

• Mental health services 

• Doctor/nurse access 

• Adult social care 

• Family and children 

• Consumer issues 

• Energy suppliers 

• Local business issues 

• Royal Mail 

• Benefits eligibility 

• ID 

• Visas 

• Embassy inquiries 

• Passports 

• Driving licences 

• Oyster cards 

• Consumer issues e.g. 

• Victim Support 

Frequently asked questions 

Are people in emergency 
housing being put in 
tower blocks? 

No. People are being 
temporarily housed in hotel 
accommodation in or close 
to the Royal Borough of 
Kensington & Chelsea. 

Are people living in 

We are not aware of 
anybody living in parks and 
there is no need for people 
to be living in parks if that 
is the case we would urge 
people to come to the 
Westway Sports Centre 
so we can help with their 
housing needs. 

Are people been forced 
out of the borough, or 
being made intentionally 

This is simply not true. 

No one is being forced to 
move out of London, or 
being threatened with being 
made homeless. We're 
working to find the right 
accommodation for those 
affected residents, either in 
Kensington and Chelsea or 
neighbouring boroughs. 

Are people affected by 
the fire being asked for 
ID at the assessment 

People affected by the 
fire were issued letters 
informing them of the 
process to access funding 
and we have asked them 
to show this letter as some 
people may have had their 
IDs destroyed in the fire. 
This is to ensure those who 
need support get it. They 
should not be asked for 
their ID 

Undocumented migrants 
- What will happen 
to anyone who isn’t 
documented but lived in 
the tower? 

We will not use this tragic 
incident as a reason to 
carry out immigration 
checks on those involved 
and those providing vital 
information to identify 

We will also make sure that 
all victims, irrespective of 
their immigration status, 
will be able to access 
the services they need, 
including accommodation 
and healthcare.